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 Need help making a teeny tiny trenchcoat...

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PostSubject: Need help making a teeny tiny trenchcoat...   Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:47 am

Hey everyone! I've been working in a new smaller size, and I've been trying to make a trenchcoat for the 'Renegade' version of Hal Jordan in comics now, and I...just can't get it to work right. I'm stuck, and maybe someone can help me in the right direction here.

This is what I have;

and here's some shots for reference;

I don't need help making a trenchcoat that looks EXACTLY like those up there, I can always tweak it, it's more the shape/temp for the trenchcoat I've having trouble with :/

Thanks everyone!
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Need help making a teeny tiny trenchcoat...
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