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 Turtle Power... Feudal Japan style.

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PostSubject: Turtle Power... Feudal Japan style.   Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:13 am

During the age of the Sengoku period, assassination, etc... Was done by a band of Shinobi one of them was called The Foot Clan.

Hamato Yoshi

Hamato Yoshi was a highly-ranked member of The Foot Clan, he once believed in the way of the Foot Clan, that until he meet Tang Shen, daughter of a shōgun who used the Foot Clan from time to time, the two fell in love, but they had a problem with a follow member Oroku Nagi, who also loved Shen. When Nagi got enraged with jealousy, Yoshi was forced to kill him to protect Shen. Yoshi and Shen had became rogues on the run, until they where attack by a pack of demon, Shen was injury.

Master Splinter

Master Splinter is a pure blood rat demon, Splinter is a rare demon who has more of a human appearance, after over hearing a powerful demon called Krang planing on using a human dark heart to conquer the Mortal Realm, Splinter had no chose but to take matter in his only hands, stealing the immortal shards of the elements, each shards will bonds with a choosing one and then granting that power over the elements to that being. Splinter gave each of the four main elements to his four sons to protect, each highly train in Ninjutsu, each train to master a martial art weapon the , Katana, Nunchaku, and Sai, the five broke throw the barrier between the Shadow Realm and the Mortal Realm, but they where separated, Splinter arrived close to two mortals a man and woman, who was under attack by a pack of demon, Splinter attack the pack, fighting along side the man, after they defeated the pack, Splinter used his healing ability to heal the injury woman. The two love one names where Yoshi and Shen, Splinter felt a strong and very kind soul in Yoshi, the three join together in the search of Splinter four sons.

Leonardo - Warrior of water

Donatello - Warrior of earth

Raphael - Warrior of fire

Michelangelo - Warrior of air

Oroku Brother.

Oroku Nagi

Oroku Nagi is the older twin brother of Oroku Saki, proud member of The Foot Clan. Nagi has been best know to lose his temper, in combat he was a highly train in using the Katana, when The Foot Clan needed someone torture Nagi always step up, he was fear when it came to torture, to the point he was the master at it, Nagi only time show any happiness is when he fighting, torturing, or just talking about his brother Saki, but lately he thought he was losing his brother love, to there step brother Yoshi. Nagi never like calling Yoshi brother, to the point he did not ever like or trust him, but when Saki introduce the young Shinobi, who just like the Oroku brother had no family, they brought him into there small family. Nagi had fallen in love with Tang Shen the daughter of a shōgun, but it became clear that she did not feel the same.

Oroku Saki

Oroku Saki is the younger brother, proud member of The Foot Clan. Saki never like fighting, he was always more calm then his brother, but in combat he was a master in not only using the Katana, but quickly defeating his enemy with amazing speed and agility, more of a combat strategies. To Saki, family and friend came first, when he first meet a young Shinobi called Yoshi, brought him into there family, even if Nagi did not agree, over the next few years, Saki became more close to Yoshi then to his only brother Nagi. Saki was the one to find Nagi, bleeding slowly all over the ground, with his last breath Nagi told Saki that it was Yoshi. Saki was place in charge a group of Shinobi to hunt down the rogue ninja, when he finally found Yoshi, he was with a woman and a rat demon. As he stood ready to attack he said to Yoshi and his friends, "In chase he never told you about me... " said Oroku Saki. "My name is Oroku Saki, he killed my brother, prepare to die...".

Enter The Shredder.

Saki attack Yoshi. If it was any other fight the two would be in a stand still, but with Saki mostly relying on his anger, for his brother death at the hand of the man, he had called brother, his Katana swing and swipe was more wild and unpredictable, with more anger then strategy, Yoshi found it hard to keep dodging and try to found a open, he have no chose but to used Saki anger against him. The two kept fighting until they reach a cliff edge, all the time Yoshi trying to explain to Saki what had happen, but Saki only care the fact that Yoshi had killed his brother because of a woman, and he promise that Shen will be torture before she finally die, that was the final straw, Yoshi had no chose but to dig deep into his only soul, striking fast and hard, slicing Saki on his left side of his face, as the blood drip, Saki started to lose his balance, as the ground under his foot gave away.

As darkness try to grab Saki as he falls, another darker darkness grab hold of Saki so tight that it shiver even his soul to its core. Saki awake, slowly standing up, trying his best to see out of the one eye, as blood continue to pore from left side of his face, he look around it was dark, so dark that he could not make out any detail, but he could hear a lot of screams, screams both human, and not human, but still soul destroying blood screams, screams that would even make the most evil man blood boil in pain. Then out of the darkness came the most evil voice that Saki has ever heard before.

"Saki!" said the voice in the darkness.
"Who's there... where am I... what do you want from me... ?" said Saki, clearly in a voice made of fear, as he turn around to where the voice was coming from, he could finally see some light, coming from what he think was water, but was in fact was a ocean of blood, and he was standing on a tiny piece of land, made of different pieces of bones, different sides and shapes, some easily point out as human bones, behind him was a huge titan, that made Saki look like a bug compare to him, and the throne made of bones and organs was even bigger then the figure that had called out to Saki.
"Am I dead... is this the afterlife... the last thing I remember was falling off a cliff?" Said Saki.
"No Saki, this is not the underworld, this is a lot worse place, welcome to the Shadow Realm, home of demons, and I Krang is it master, I had great plans for your brother Nagi, but I guest you will do." said Krang.
"Plans, what plans are you talking about!" said Saki in a more brave voice.
Out of the darkness a figure was being pull in, clearly Saki had recognise who was.
"What no hello to your only brother." said Krang.
"I get it, you going to used the brotherly love between me and my brother, so I do your binding." said Saki as he stare at Nagi.
"Oh yes Saki, and if you do what I want, and in return, I will bring your brother back to life." said Krang.
"You can do that? No wait, on one can do that." said Saki.
"Clearly you don't believe me." said Krang, with a snap of his finger, Nagi skin became alive with color again, as he blink, he slowly look around until his eyes had spotted his only brother.
"Saki... what are you doing here... where are we?" said Nagi, before Saki had answer his brother question, Saki had already had his hands wrap around brother, giving him the biggest hug ever. "It does not matter, as long as we are together brother." said Saki with happiness.
"It may not matter to you, but it so matter to me, Saki." said Krang with another snap of his finger, Saki past right through Nagi.
"NOOOO!!!" yelled Saki.
"Either you do what I want, or your brother soul is my for eternity, it not a bad deal, I will even give you the upper hand to complete my task, including a small piece of the power of darkness." said Krang holding up the immortal shard of darkness.
"What is it you want me to do Krang." said Saki, still thinking about his brother.
"Plain and simple help me take over the Mortal Realm, oh did I forget, I want to help you hunt down and destroyed the man who killed your brother..." said Krang.
"Oh mortal you will addressed me as Master, your not even close when it comes to compare, to even dare call my Krang." added Krang.
"Why didn't you said that sooner, getting revenge for my brother death, return honor to the Oroku family name." said Saki.
"I will do it." added Saki.
"There is no doubt, I don't think your heart and soul is in it... Unless..." said Krang.

Krang open his mouth revealing another dark abyss, it was the most evil grin that Saki or any other soul would ever seen, with a swift of his hand, Saki could feel both his and part of Nagi soul merged into a single being.
"There, two brother soul, sharing one brother body. The part that made Nagi a Shinobi, his abilities, his fury when it came to battle, and Saki you will still have your speed, agility, and combat strategies skills..." said Krang.
"One more thing, before I sent you back to the Mortal Realm, to keep two soul in that mortal body, you will need something to hold it in place..." said Krang. Holding his arm up pointing at the waterfall of blood behind his throne.
"You will have to plunge off the Blood falls of a Thousand Demon, into the bottomless ocean of the damn." said Krang.
And just like Krang said, Saki climbed, as he reached to the top, he look down to Nagi, still in the hand of Krang, Saki took one last breath and took the leap, landing into the blood ocean below, he could feel the power taking hold of every part of his body, image of different future version of himself enter his mind.
Above Krang brought out the immortal shard of darkness, dipping it into the pool, letting it darkness take hold of Saki, it took minutes, until finally a blood drenched figure stood out, cover head to foot in red cloth cover over with samurai spike armor, area of black you could tell was not normal, that it was moving, taking a form of a black skull.
"How do you feel Saki?" said Krang.
"I feel stronger, faster, and more deadly, Master." said Saki, as he take a bow before Krang.
"Good, on one more thing, I will be keeping Nagi soul by my side, you see, if you fail me, your brother will pay for your failure, you see, you will only feel half of the pain I will put him through, I wounder if a man who had love to torture, is ready to be the one torture, for all of eternity..." said Krang.
"So are you ready to return to the Mortal Realm, and fine and destroyed Hamato Yoshi?" add Krang.
"I will not destroyed Hamato Yoshi, I am going to Shred his entire existence..." said Saki.
"Called me The Shredder!" said The Shredder

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Turtle Power... Feudal Japan style.
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