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 MARVEL verse 684 aka Yusuf Universe

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PostSubject: MARVEL verse 684 aka Yusuf Universe   Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:06 am

Code Name: Yusuf
Real Name: Lost and forgot
Birthplace: Athens, Greece moved to a small village in Africa
Sex: Male

Height: Various
Eye Color: Normally blue, now ruby
Hair Color: none
Skin Tone: Normally Caucasian, now ruby
Relationships: Mother (deceased), Father (deceased)

Appearance: normally a skinning body, with the Xenoform an athletic built body
Attire: The suit is made out of Adamantium/Vibranium Laced Symbiotic Exo-Skeleton over top with Synthetic Ruby Quartz Crystal armor.
Skills: train in survivors skills; like hunting, fishing, gathering, camp-fire making, etc.
Personality: Because of his mutant power, he must stay focus and neutral, so he can not lose control of his emotion, thus losing control of his power
Powers: Omega Level Mutant: Energy Absorption; his mutant powers absorbed all type of energy wave, until it is released in a explosion, the power has a different effect on him, it has slowly turn his body into a ruby uncontrolled pure power. Spatial Awareness; Energy Resistance; Energy Manipulation; Flight; Solid Energy Constructs/Simulated Telekinesis; Power Suppression; Energy Detection; Energy Self-Sustenance; Power Siphoning; Psionic Resistance; Heat Immunity; Radiation Immunity:
Xenoform: An ancient alien sentient being war armor, it downloads and store every power used against and by the host of the suit but at it max, it also has store every type of offense weapons and defense from all sentient being civilization.

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MARVEL verse 684 aka Yusuf Universe
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