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 RoboCop in the 22nd Century...

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PostSubject: RoboCop in the 22nd Century...   Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:06 am

Robocop in the 22nd century.

The year not so distance future
The place Delta Michigan

It is the year 2132, Omni Consumer Products or OCP after the success of Delta City have now buy off the State of Michigan financed problem, of the former USA, turning it into a state size Mega City, divided into 3 sector watch over by the NeuroBrain protected with the Law Enforcer.  Sector A where the Sky Scraper that reach past the smog and acid rain clouds, that is where the few rich people live, Sector B where the middle class live, under Sector A, where they live in the middle sector of the Sky Scraper, and Sector C, where they live so down the shadow of the Sky Scraper block out the sun, here is where the poor, immigrants, illegal Americans aliens, and the worst low life, where every illegal action is legal, where gangs run wild, destroying everything in the Sector C.

Ascended into the light (Heroes)

Delta Michigan Security Commander: Alex Murphy aka Robocop.

In Sector C only the Safe Zone made from the former Metro South Precinct building, is the only safe area, protected by a old and rusted Security Commander Alex Murphy aka OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 or RoboCop only armed with his trusted Auto 9 and his Interceptor TurboCruiser, still living by his three code when he was Robocop, the people of the Safe Zone love and trusted him, those who are outside pray for his aid, those who broke the rule still fear him, but as they get new and improved technology, they are losing fear of him, and the Sector C is losing faith.

Commander of Safe Sector: Lt. Colonel Allyn Lewis.

Another shock from Alex Murphy past.  Allyn Lewis is the great niece of the late Officer Anne Lewis, Alex Murphy/RoboCop partner who became a friend, she was killed while off duty opposing the Rehabs Commander Paul McDaggett. Allyn Lewis is a former "LtCol" of the former U.S. Marines, more of a front and center field leader then a stay in the background commander, who love getting her hand dirty while using a monster of a gun, just like Anne Lewis was a badass in the Police, Allyn is more a bitch in both the Marines and the Delta Michigan Law Enforcer, after her command was attack that cost her both her left arm and leg, she was giving both a cyber limb and a place in Delta Michigan Law Enforcer as a Lt. Colonel, she aloud to chose her command post.  During one of Alex Murphy patrol he received a distressed called from the new Metro West far in the west of Sector C, close to the boarder of the area know simple as "No Man Land".  Allyn Lewis took up the command of the Metro West, and live by the Law Enforcer Code she is the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of that sector but it was taking a high cost, she was the only one left of her command amount a dozen of citizens, some deputized as her Security, and to make it worse the Splatter Punks Legion was closing in taking over "No Man Land".  After the lost of Metro West, Allyn Lewis was place in command of the Safe Sector under Alex Murphy close watch, Allyn and Alex don't always see eye to eye.

Alpha Elder Chief Justice: Lisa Madigan.

Back in the 21st century, Lisa Madigan was a young Police Officer of Detroit Police Department, of the Metro South Precinct, friend of Alex Murphy and Nancy Murphy, before he became Robocop, and after the shut down of Metro West, after the officers of Metro West join the Old Detroit Rebellion against OCP, became Robocop second partner, when Murphy was transferred back to Metro South, it took some time for them to work together, after the death of Murphy first partner Anne Lewis, he had decided to work by himself, but they soon became partners.  After Madigan is crippled in a bus crash, she became the first officers to be implanted with nano, the side effect unknown to Lisa or to even the creator, is that the nano will not stop repairing Lisa DNA, making that Lisa will no longer age.  Now in the 22nd century after a long carer with the Detroit Police Department, just like Robocop being a relic of the old way of Law Officers, Lisa Madigan is now known as Alpha Elder Chief Justice, in charge of all Law Enforcer in Delta Michigan, the only one with a higher rank is the OCP Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Murphy.

Delta Michigan NeuroBrain aka Diana Powers.

Diana Powers was once the personal assisstant of OCP executive Chip Chayken, until he and Dr. Cray Mallardo had killed her to used her brain for the NeuroBrain that controlled MetroNet.  What they did not expected, she was the one in total control, after Robocop saved her she became a close friend, as they both shared once being human.  After being shut down and replaced with S.A.I.N.T., her memory stored into a backup in Metro South Precinct Robocop main computer, OCP did it so they could run the city once again, but that backfire.  It was Alex Murphy who told OCP board to reactive MetroNet and replanted NeuroBrain, the board agree, and everything was put back in place.  Now in the 22nd century Diana continue to run the MetroNet, which has grown into a program state size city, similar to Delta Michigan, Diana is the Chairwoman of this virtual reality, she is still friend with Alex, or possible something more, and now a friend with Lisa Madigan as while.

Delta Michigan Peacemaker Squad Prime: Captain Weller Murphy

Weller Murphy is the youngest of two to the Chairman of Delta Michigan, his brother the Vice Chairman of Delta Michigan, he is the top pilot/Law Enforcer in Delta Michigan, call sign 'Black wing Angel of Fate' because of his special stealth Peacemaker, a single seat flying fortress.  He is known to disobey the orders not to enter Sector C with his Peacemaker, just like his great grandpa Alex Murphy he fall a single Prime Directives to protect the innocent.

Delta Michigan Peacemaker Squad Prime: Commander Nipar Roland

Nipar Roland is Weller Murphy 1st officer/right hand man/best friend of the Peacemaker Squad, her called named is 'Illusions', granddaughter of Lisa Madigan and Alex Roland, daughter to Godin Roland, just like her grandparents she is really gifted in the art of magic, because of that her father left her with them, Lisa is the only member left in her family, so when Lisa went back to Madigan, Nipar kept Roland as her last name, so it does not feel or sound like the only reason she is put in the Peacemaker division because of her name.

OCP Technician: Sahaly Lippencott

Even in the 22nd century RoboCop needs a technician; enter Sahaly Lippencott granddaughter of Charlie Lippencott, RoboCops technician when he return to Metro South Precinct. Specialist in all form of technology including nano, not much of a people person. Beside working on Alex Murphy, but with the new nano armor not much repair need to be done, she is making better defence and offense for the Safe Zone, taking ideas from classic sci-fi shows, but there always seem to be problem with the equipment from OCP that cause her idea to blow up.

Delta Michigan Detective Axel Foley Jr.

In the 22nd Century Street Smart skill is really important even in Sector C, and no one know how to do it better then Detective Axel Foley Jr.  The eyes and ears for the Safe Sector, living undercover among the normal people outside the Safe Sector, using his skill that he learn from what his great great grandfather Axel Foley a Detective from old Detroit before even Alex Murphy or OCP, was past down.  His Street Smart has cost him the lost of his right eye, now a cyber eye, but that will not stop him.

Brothers of Law

In the 22nd century, it was the end of the old law, and the birth of Law Enforcer, and at it core beside Alex Murphy aka RoboCop there was two men.

Meet former San Angeles Lt. John 'Cobra' Tango. Cobra was the city main specialist or Law Enforcer as it was later called, using extreme force to solve the problem regular offer did not have the guts the handle, but soon San Angeles was now a Utopia American city, the powers in charge will not have that barbaric behavior that was more suited for late 20th century cop movies. Charge for used of extreme force on an innocent bystanders, Cobra was found guilty, he was strip of his badge and title, and to make it even worst, transferred to the worst prison in America, Death Valley Institute.

Meet forcer Lt. Todd 'Snake' Cash as part of a new military training program, a group of orphaned infants are selected at birth and raised as highly disciplined soldiers with no understanding of anything but military routine. After the fail program ended Snake became a specialist for New New York City, using extreme force to solve the problem regular offer did not have the guts to handle, New New York City became a Utopia and that was no city for Snake, the powers in charge will not have that barbaric behavior anymore and they used their power to destroy Snake career, charging him with the used of extreme force, and transferred him to Death Valley Institute, there he meet his new ally.

Vigilante of Sector C of Metro West Brandon Dacascos.

Even in the 22nd Century there is a the black sheep of any Sector A family, Brandon Dacascos is the black sheep of the Dacascos Family, a family with a lot of power in Delta Michigan.  All he ever wanted to do is live his life like a rock star, but because of his family business and their connection he had to give it up, after long years of training and studying, Brandon join the OCP Superhuman Special Division or Commander Cash Academy but still doing his only thing, as to the point modify his Commander Cash mask.  Brandon was assigned to the Karsenti Family another Sector A Family with enough money, power, and enemies, for so they have to hired a Commander Cash member to be their Secret Services agent.  Being Brandon he broke the number one directive of the Commander Cash code, 'A Commander Cash, or Major Market may not fall in love with the client, or a member of the client family.', when he fall in love with Sofia Karsenti it was like the two were soul mates.  Everything change when it was revealed that the Dacascos Family and the Karsenti Family were in fact enemies, and Sofia is supposed to be getting married to Michael Pyper-Ferguson of the Pyper-Ferguson Family to united the two families against the Dacascos Family so Brandon had to eliminate.  Brandon was beating to death and drop in to Sector C of Metro West.  One year later, Brandon had survived the attack on his life but it had leave scars all over his body and face, almost like pattern.  He now have superhuman abilities similarly to the Commander Cash suit, but without the ability to fly and instead of invulnerability have a healing factor and ability to talk and see through the eyes of a crow he has become a Vigilante, had befriend Rochelle Stuart a homeless street wise girl.

Vigilante of Sector C of Metro West Piper Jones aka Commander Crusader.

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all outta bubblegum."

Meet Piper Jones great granddaughter of Tex and Brittany Jones, Tex Jones was the original creator of Commander Cash cartoon character mascot of OCP and for a time real life Commander Cash who work with Alex Murphy for a while.  After the fact OCP didn't want to deal with a copyright lawsuit OCP started to pay the Jones's Family for the used of the name Commander Cash.  Piper is a former hard case Detective but also as a Marksman/Sniper of Delta Michigan but like all Jones related to Tex they still can't trust OCP and what it stand for and after events that result with innocent lives being sacrificed cause her to quit it and like her great grandfather she decided to become a vigilante that goes by the name of Commander Crusader who fight for the innocent while killing the guilty mostly going after rich corrupted, she had cyber implants in her eyes that let her see through any solid object and able to see the corrupted message that OCP and so many companies used to sell stuff.  Piper love two thing chewing bubblegum and kicking ass.

Even in 22nd Century Delta Michigan people still have their secrets.

Pérez Corven had no idea of who he is was or how he even got to Delta Michigan or even how he got all these scars, all he know is his name and that he an illegal refugee who once lived in the underground city known as Rattown in San Angeles the capital of the man made Island run by the California Republic government, and the only knowledge he has is how to survive on the street including how to fight. Meeting a tattoo artist who believed she a Oracle Sara Mia, she try to help him discover his past.

Even in the 22nd Century Magic find it way and place in Delta Michigan

Lee Field Fuller live a storybook life, born and grow up in Metro North urban community in a two level house across from his best friend, later high school sweetheart then even wife Anna Sammi who help him run his restaurant called "The Sweet Rush" he is special in making home made cakes, pies, mostly every thing that combined fruit and other sweet items.  Lee grow up with a secret that not that many people knew expect for Anna cause she had experience with it once. That secret is like his father Lee has real life magic in his hands his right hand glows blue and is able to return life to the dead for one hour before need to return them the way he found them, or face the price taking the same damage to his only body and someone of equal mass is killed. Lee powers will get even more powerful one day when on a date night with Anna they are attack from a gang who beat them both half to death, Lee no longer worry about keeping his magic secret try to bring Anna back who was killed by the gang, while holding her with his right hand, that started to glow the brightest blue that surround them in white light, at the same time his grief to get his one true love back grew up to the point as blue energy burst out of his right eye, at the same time anger and hate grow in Lee as red energy engulf his left hand that drew darkness around it as a burst of pure beam of red and black energy engulf the gang tearing them apart.  Anna was alive again still sweet and kind as before but has a new look at life, Lee on the other hand pull away from the world be but something deep inside him keep pushing him to used his power to help the innocent and punished the guilty, equip with a cyber skull helmet that is link to the Delta Michigan Cyber Information Hub and armed with pair of batons that Lee had link to let him used his power through Lee became the human weapon/Vigilante name "Reaper".

OCP: Neutral

Delta Michigan Chairman: Fletcher Murphy

The Chairman of Delta Michigan is Fletcher Murphy grandson of Alex Murphy, son of Gertrude "Gadget" Parks Murphy and James "Jimmy" Murphy, and father of Vice Chairman Burke Murphy and Captain Weller Murphy of a Peacemaker division.  Just like the other Chairmen and Chairwoman who have run OCP, his many focus is keeping the board, stock holders, and the other rich people of the Sector A safety comes first, even it means Sector C pays, who is also a clean freak, everything must be clean.

Delta Michigan Vice Chairman: Burke Murphy

The 2nd biggest man in Delta Michigan, is the Vice Chairman; Burke Murphy, great grandson of Alex Murphy, and the older brother to Weller Murphy.  Just like his father Fletcher Murphy the Chairman, he went into Business/Politics instead of Law Enforcer.  Burke is more of a clean freak then his only father, always wearing ultra violet protection glasses, nose filters breathing system.

OCP Superhuman Special Division: Commander Cash

In the 22nd century the corporate mascot of OCP, has always been Commander Cash, is now the code name for OCP new superhuman special division, main focus is to protect Sector A. A division that can be bought by any corporation for Secret Services dispatch, for a large paid to OCP. The nanotechnology battle suit, is design to enhanced the wear strength, speed, durability, reflexes, invulnerability, and senses to superhuman level, the boots, cape and even belt are anti-gravity devices allowed them to fly.

OCP Superhuman Special Division: Major Market

Major Market is the code name for the female Superhuman Special Division, just like it counterpart Commander Cash, main focus is to protect Sector A as any corporation Secret Services.  Equip with a nanotechnology battle suit, it design correspond with the Commander Cash division with the same type of equipment.  Unlike the C.C. division the M.M. division can be used as a escort service, as the nanotechnology suit is program with a evening dress mode.

OCP Superhuman Special Division Owner: General Profit

Not much is known of the mask man behind the formation of the Superhuman Special Division, but it clear General Profit may look like a villain but he's a brilliant business man, it possible he both.  As he seem to have a secret agenda, as going as far as hiring Air Pirates to attack the OCP Airship OCPAS The Almighty Dollar during their monthly Board member trip resort to the Bahamas, just to show off the Superhuman Special Division abilities, then turn around and double cross the Air Pirates by attacking them with his top secret Dreadnought Air Cruiser that destroyed the Air Pirate fleet.

Sofia Karsenti

Even in 22nd century Delta Michigan; beauty still has the way to sell...

When it comes to the Karsenti Family, one of the Sector A families that seem to have there hands in anything, including fashion district, there is no one better at it to handle fashion then Sofia Karsenti nickname "The Angel of Delta Michigan".  Beauty is not the only of Sofia natural gift, but to her family and to the business that all they need.  Sofia is in fact a graceful and kind who very spiritual.  Her life was not very perfect, her family not only used her beauty to sell there product, but aloud her body to be used to sign deal with CEO of the companies they were trying to merge with.  Her life change when a new Commander Cash Agent was assign to her Family (Sofia was kidnap by a rival company and was going to used as a bargain chip, only to be safe by RoboCop), she felt there was something different about the agent, and at the same time something about him like she already knew him.  It took time by finally Sofia Karsenti and Brandon Dacascos could not fight the feeling between them.

Street Rat of the Metro West Sector C

At a very young age Rochelle Stuart really had to take care for herself, as her life was rough.  Her birth mom Anna Boyd used her to get money to buy more drugs for her and her boyfriend Michael "Funboy" Olsson, not really care about Rochelle at all.  Anna overdose and Michael did not want anything to do with Rochelle, she found herself living in one of the worst Family Services branch own by OCP, where is she adopted into a Sector C family the Stuart family.  Her life did not had a happy ending, being living in Metro West the worst metro sector in Delta Michigan, she had to learn how to be a street rat more as a thief, able to know how to get in and out of anywhere, after her family was murder she found herself on the street by herself.  One day she came across a strange man dress in black, she knew there was something different about him, she should be scare but instead trusted him.

Even in 22nd Delta Michigan Life is just a dream on the way to death.

Sara Mia was born in Delta Michigan grew up in Sector C but becoming a model was able to get out and moved to San Angeles the capital of the man made Island run by the California Republic government. Unknown to even to herself she found herself back in Delta Michigan living in the Sector C once again with a scar on her forehead and having more of a Goth look at life, taking the money she had saved over her life plus the money she makes as a Tattoo Artist also now as a Goth Model she was able to buy one of the last two-story house in Metro West where she name it 'Grace in the Dark' where she had taking in a street rat named Rochelle Stuart as her first roommate.  Sara keeps seeing image of a man with small scars all over his face, as if he had a special spot in her heart either in the past in San Angeles or even in her future.

Descending into the abyss (Villains)

Chairwoman of Enforcement Security Company of Sector 209A

Meet Clyde Boddicker Boss and partner/lover Bonnie Jones the Great Granddaughter of Richard "Dick" Jones.  She is the Chairwoman of Enforcement Security Company, a company that design new security tech, including access codes for many company, even hover trucks routs tracking.  That is where Clyde Boddicker and Bonnie other personality comes in, using this info stealing everything from vaults to highjacking even hover units, to breaking into people apartment unit and having some fun, both Bonnie and Clyde love violence, does not matter who get in there way, they love to kill, the harder the target to get at the more fun it feels.

CrimeBoss Clyde Boddicker

Even in the 22nd Century, there will always be crime, but no one knew it will be hitting Delta Michigan suppose to be safely areas in the Sector B and even Sector A.   And all people to be the main man behind these crime, but the Great Grandson of Clarence Boddicker, the man who killed Alex Murphy.  Just like his Great Grandpa Clyde is a gun crazy professional CrimeBoss/hitman, other may rely on the new tech, by Clyde prefer a Shotgun and a customised Desert Eagle .357.

Ruler of the Black Market The Underworld Wise Leland Nash

Wise Leland Nash is the great nephew of Leon C. Nash and for a long time Wise was Clyde Boddicker right hand man when he was starting out as a young crime boss just like his great uncle.  That all change when Wise wanted to be know more than just a henchman, secret being a very highly intelligence when it comes to business and even the law he graduated with honor from the Law and Business University of Delta Michigan, quickly started out as a attorney and owner of a family small business/law firm whose defended all the criminals in Delta Michigan, many state it was like working or even argument with the devil when it comes to Wise.  Moving his business/law firm into the Sector C it grew larger than expected quickly many wonder that the only way Wise could do it was that he had made a deal with the devil or he was the devil.  Wise business turn into the center of Sector C Black Market called The Underworld that expanded to every part of the Metro West even Clyde Boddicker goes to Wise for equipment, personnel, and intel for a target. 

General of the 1st Dragoon Guards Gang: Sir Banastre Tarleton

He believes that is the reincarnation of General Sir Banastre Tarleton, who has been chosen by the King of England to take back the former colony of the U.S., general of the new 1st Dragoon Guards Gang, they have been slowly building a army and gaining a really bad wrap in Delta Michigan, his main weapon a gunblade.

Alpha Dog of the Dogtown Boys Gang

Nothing is much know about Alpha Dog, not even the MetroNet know much about him, after killing Big Dog the leader of the 22nd version of the Dogtown Boys, turning the Gang into an army, riding like wild dog, destroying everything in there way, including buses full of new civilian coming to Sector C safe zone.

In the 22nd century there has to be a Top Dollar even in Crime, and his name is Michael Pyper-Ferguson

The Pyper-Ferguson family was always the top when it come to everything. Michael Pyper-Ferguson is no excuse, at a very young age he learn the really only way to get ahead life is to own and control it if not take it, and Michael has really taking this to heart. In the beginning he was a Sector A families member who broke the rule and sneak down to Sector C and run a gang who cause chaos and had it hand in everything, later on Michael realized it was better to make money and own a business to run his crime empire that had reach in different area in all three Sector of Metro West before the fall of Sector C to the Splatter Punks Legion even still he had his hand in drugs, prostitution, gambling and mostly means everything illegal and thing even legal.

Even in the 22nd century crime is comment at the end of the knife.

Meet Laurence Laurie aka Tin-Tin a member of Michael Pyper-Ferguson's Enforcer Gang who job is to shake down businesses trying to make a life in the Sector C of Metro West but most of the time end up just lying, cheating, and stealing everything they want as long as they don't even go close to try anything in Sector C Black Market also know as The Underworld.  Tin-Tin prefer unlike his other brother's in crime to used chains and knives either old school made of steel or element blades instead of guns and bombs.  At a very young age Tin-Tin became a monster after killing his own family including raping his mother then left her to bleed to death just because it was fun and easy, for the next years he grew up living in his family apartment with his father and mother dead bodies place like nothing happen as he continued to have his fun of raping and killing in the slums of Metro West he carve the number of his victim on his body with small lines.  His life and fun was about to move up when he meet David Patrick Tench aka T-Bird a Psychopath just like him.

Even in the 22nd Delta Michigan people still need to fire it up.

Michael Olsson or better know as the title Funboy in Delta Michigan, is the king of drug lords being a Chemist genius but also a drug user, he was nicknamed Funboy no matter what he was doing or even taking he had a big evil grin on his face and was having fun. The Olsson family is a Sector A family that like so many Sector A families got away with everything and yet still want more no matter who got hurt, friends with the Pyper-Perguson family Funboy was best friend with Michael Pyper-Ferguson who see a future in crime as it Top Dollar, he wanted Funboy to be his personal drug lord. But as harmful drugs are illegal in both Sector A but also Sector B punishment of either 50 year of prison to the user and seller, and life to the seller if any customer overdose. Funboy only way to get it but also make the stuff under the nose of the MetroNet was to move down to Sector C where he meet his girlfriend and fellow drug junky Anna Boyd. Funboy was not only down there as Michael personal drug lord but he was a member of his Enforcer Gang there to shake down businesses trying to make a life in the Sector C of Metro West including other drug dealers. Funboy likes to used next gen of revolvers as his two prime weapons.
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RoboCop in the 22nd Century...
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