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 How to get started on MIB:

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How to get started on MIB: Empty
PostSubject: How to get started on MIB:   How to get started on MIB: Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 8:29 pm

By Trickster74

Post an introduction first. If you don't, some members will "remind you".....remember, they're just trying to help enforce the rules....but they're not Mods or Admins, nothing is going to happen to you for this simple mistake.

Now, if you haven't already done so, make some Micros!

If you use parts from other people's Micros (known as Frankensteining) to make yours, make sure to credit the original....and try to keep it to a minimum. If you're not sure whose work it was, just say: "This Joker in the robotic armor suit is based on a Joker micro and an Iron Man micro that I found on ZBB's website", or words to that effect. Soon, you'll be making all your own stuff anyways Wink .

Once you've made some Micros, open a Gallery to post them in.

How to Post your work :

First, make sure your Micros are saved as .gif or .png files. All other file types tend to make the works look....wonky. I use gifs, they take up less space, but all the young kids are swearing by pngs....

Join an image-sharing site. Photobucket is my site of choice, I have also used Imageshack in the past.

Browse through your drive, and Upload the ones you'd like to post. When they upload, it'll display some different types of things under each picture.

From my Photobucket page:

How to get started on MIB: Example

You'll want to use the one that starts : [IMG] for our board. Just copy that line, and paste in in your gallery. Once you hit Send, it should display it right on the page for you.

As you can see, I tag all my stuff as TR_Something.gif. Lots of people tag either before or after the Micro name.

When posting (even in your own Gallery), don't post again after having posted once - unless you wait an hour, or people will get on you about 'double posting'. It's better to edit your previous post if you forgot something.

Don't 'bump' your own Galleries or Universes, in order to put them back at the top of the list. Makes the Mods/Admins mad.....

Don't beg people for comments on your stuff, or get upset if no one seems to be commenting much. Remember, there are lots of members, with lots of Galleries, Universes, and Contests going on. Try to get into some of the Contests/Games/Challenges, this will start getting older members to notice you and know who you are.

A note on threads- Galleries are for whatever you want to show off. Contest entries are often reposted here. Universes are where you post your own, original ideas, whether with "real" comic characters or your own stables of characters. We also have a section in the Creative Block- Request Universes. Here, members turn people into characters from a specific genre, such as making your avatar into a zombie, or a certain comic character. There are Template threads if you would like to share Templates you made (or modified). There are some other sections, they're all pretty self explanatory. When in doubt, ask someone.

Last and most importantly- Enjoy your time here!
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How to get started on MIB:
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